automatic interest or other automatic accounting charges

leslie 5 years ago in Accounting/Collections Modules updated by Jonathan Beulke 3 years ago 5

I see several threads from over two years ago asking Procentive for a way to automatically calculate interest on a past due account or add an auto charge (like for MN care or CC fees). Our clinic has also been asking for this (as I am sure others have as well) for as long as we have been with Procentive. Would anyone else like to see this, what should be, simple feature added to Procentive? 

Yes we have asked about this as well

We would really appreciate this ability as well!

Yes. I have interest from people I work with who would appreciate this feature. Any insight from Pro would be great. 

Thank you.


I just asked Procentive about this as our agency wants to do this as well and they still don't have anything for us agencies, other than you can do something manually, which there is no way we have the ability to do each month manually.   Procentive - are you working on getting something for us agencies on this?



What we ended up doing was create a private pay only code that enabled us to manually add interest.  After saving this interest code, we would go into the Change Time window, Amounts tab to make the adjustment.  If you were to charge 8% interest, you would put the entire outstanding balance in the Rate box, and enter the unit as 0.08 (8%).  This allows the charges to show up on statements as a line item.  It works for us right now because we fortunately do not have many clients who aren't paying their bills.  I can definitely see how this would not be realistic for practices with large numbers of clients who are not paying for the services they receive.

Automatically calculating interest would be a GREAT feature to add!