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Client portal not emailing

Mary Lou Meyer-Rolfe hier à 12:39 dans Client Portal mis à jour par maryp hier à 15:44 3

We are trying to start using the Client portal, we have set up a "test client".   We cannot get the email to the client to go thru.  We are using office 365  Has anybody else ever had this issue?  Setting changes?


Ticketing Module 04/19/2021

sarah il y a 3 jours dans Procentive News mis à jour il y a 3 jours 5

Just wondering if anyone it having trouble with the ticketing module? I do not see anything noted in the Updates, so wanted to reach out to see if I should call Procentive - or if it is system wide I will just wait. 


New E/M coding criteria for 2021

We do not have professional billers at our organization.  It is required that our providers have an understanding of the codes they are selecting to bill.  With the new changes to the E/M coding we are wondering if we are selecting the E/M level based on Medical Decision Making can we bill both the E/M plus an add on psychotherapy code if the prescriber is providing psychotherapy during the session.  Client is scheduled for 30min appointment the prescriber selects a 99214 based on MDD and provides 20 minutes of psychotherapy can they bill both 99214 and 90833?  Can we bill a 99213 +90833 for a client who is seen for 40 min when selecting the E/M based on MDM? We appreciate any information that may be provided.  


Workflow definitions - Can we add them just to one account for a trial?

jessica il y a 2 semaines dans Workflow Module mis à jour par Sheryl Martin il y a 2 semaines 1

I would like to try to set up Workflow definitions and alerts. Am I able to do that on my account only without it sending alerts to other Procentive accounts on my agency? I was hoping to learn more about the process before introducing it to our entire team. 


blue plus payment

Katie Staige il y a 2 semaines dans Payments/ERA Modules mis à jour par Kim N il y a 2 semaines 1

Is anyone else experiencing a delay on Blue Plus payments being delayed in Procentive? Money is in our account but no ERA... We are typically paid on Wednesdays...