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Rochelle Garcia 2 vika síðan í Payments/ERA Modules 0

I was wondering if anyone was aware of some sort of reminder tool in Procentive.  What im looking for is an option to make a note on a service line so that I can be reminded once the payment comes in I have a task to complete.  I know if I click on the pink note by a payment in the payment module a box comes up and you can enter something in the field and type in "date of next action" but how are you reminded of the next date? Is there something I need to turn on in the settings so I get these reminders?

Do you use something else in your office as a reminder/task list? Looking for suggestions.



New layout

KatieW 2 vika síðan í Procentive News updated by Mark Cornell 2 vika síðan 34

I know Procentive's new formatting went live this morning so there still may be some bugs to work out. Does anyone else have significantly more space dedicated to the header/footer area on their layout? The usable area i'm able to see has been reduced by a good margin and I'm hoping there's just a setting I can modify to shrink the dead space and see more lines (especially in the Time module).  I'm already zoomed out in my browser and if I go any further I won't be able to read the text anymore


DBT-A codes

Kim Ross 2 vika síðan í Billing/Electronic Modules updated by sarah 2 vika síðan 4

Kiosk Manager

Heather Wadie 2 vika síðan í Settings Module updated by Mark Cornell 2 vika síðan 1

Anyone else having issues with the Kiosk Manager?  It's not on my module list and we can't kiosk documents.