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Best practices for admin contact documentation

Kim Ross fa 6 dies en User Group Help 0

Does anyone have any resources or recommendations for sources of best practice for when, what and how to document non-clinical interaction in the client record?

That is, content contained in client related tickets, notes, and contact logs.


Blue Cross Commercial Minnesota

BillingAS fa 1 mes en Payers Module actualitzat fa 2 setmanes 4

Is anyone else having claims for Blue Cross MN commercial rejecting this week that worked last week? All my claims went through last week but now every single one is rejecting for payor ID. Payor ID we are using is SB720.Thanks! 


No Payments

Katie Staige fa 2 setmanes en Payments/ERA Modules updated by sarah fa 2 setmanes 2

Is anyone else missing payments from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Plus, UCare, etc.? We are typically paid weekly on Wednesdays but only received payment from South Country so far... We received ERA's for all the companies so I know payment should be coming, just wondering if anyone else is noticing a delay? 


HealthPartners OP SUD billing - Each staff has its own NPI?

BillingAS fa 2 setmanes en Industry News/Discussion updated by sarah fa 2 setmanes 5

We have been told by HealthPartners that in order for our facility to re-credential with them that each staff member at our outpatient SUD facility has to be credentialed and have their own NPI and that there is no way around this. Each staff member would also have to apply through the HP portal and give all their employment history, DOB, SSN etc. I informed our rep that we bill by the facility under one NPI. She referred me to a section on HealthPartners portal that does say that LADC must be credentialed but I still don't believe this is right. We have been credentialed with them since before my time and all of our HP PMAP and commercial claims continue to get paid even though we are not enrolled this way. Any one else run into this issue? If so how were you able to fix it? 


Accrual Accounting System

Jessica L fa 2 setmanes en Accounting/Collections Modules updated by ahuseby fa 2 setmanes 1

Hi there, wondering if any other organizations out there are using procentive alongside an accrual accounting system? Our folks in accounting/finance are struggling to get the data they need in an efficient manner, and are using a lot of reports and taking a lot of time to pull together data. Wondering if anyone has experienced similar, and has either developed reports or found anything else to be particularly helpful in navigating this. 

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. 

Thanks in advance!