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Billing for Behavioral Health Homes

Hello, are there any organizations that are currently billing the codes S0280 and S0281 for behavorial health homes. We are wondering how these get billed out of Procentive? Do you just create an individual session once a month to bill this or do you bill off of a residential calendar? Any other pointers you can give us?


Billing 99354

sfoster fa 2 setmanes en Billing/Electronic Modules updated by ahuseby fa 2 setmanes 2

Has anyone else experienced problems when billing the 99354 add-on code for an extended session for 2023 DOS? Claims are rejecting in the Electronic Module. This was a BCBS commercial policy.

Stating the following:

Error Message: Category: Acknowledgement/Returned as unprocessable claim-The claim/encounter has been rejected and has not been entered into the adjudication system. Status: Line information

Error Message: Category: Acknowledgement / Rejected for relational field in error. Status: Procedure code for services rendered

Error Message: Category: Acknowledgement / Rejected for relational field in error. Status: Date(s) of service

Error Message: Service Line Data: SVC*HC:99354*120*****1~Version: 5010A1 Loop: NA

Thanks, Sara


credit card reader

sadie twite fa 3 setmanes en Payers Module 0

Are any organizations using a credit card reader to process credit card payments through Procentive? If so, can you tell me the process of taking a credit card payment? Do you have to go to the payments module and set up a payment like you would taking a manual payment?


UCare and ARMHS Auth

sarah fa 3 setmanes en Billing/Electronic Modules 0

Does anyone who provides ARMHS have an issue this year with the ARMHS Provider Notification/Change Requests? We have turned these in every January for clients continuing with ARMHS from one year to the next. This year, they are asking for the DA, necessity of care, FA and ITP. We have only ever had to turn this additional information in for an authorization and this is just supposed to be a notification of care for UCare. They implemented it so clients could not be seen for services by more than one entity. Just looking to see if anyone else has come up against this. Thank you!


lagging today?

Julie R. Anderson, MA, LMFT fa 3 setmanes en Clinical Charting Module updated by Jana fa 3 setmanes 4

seeing some latency when typing in Messaging, etc.  anyone else seeing this?