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BluePlus Payments

sarah 5 күн бұрын в Payments/ERA Modules жаңартылды 5 күн бұрын 3

Is the Reports Module down? It is not loading

Kristine 1 апта бұрын в Reporting Module updated by Jana 1 апта бұрын 2


Mardi 1 апта бұрын в Billing/Electronic Modules 0

Help! is anyone else experiencing issues with claims going to BCBS pmap and the date range is only showing  "1" unit?  I opened a ticket on 8/31 and I still have no resolution from Procentive.  


Electronic Statements - Anyone Using This?

ejallo 2 апта бұрын в Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Emily W 2 апта бұрын 5

Is anyone using the electronic feature for statements?  I'm wondering how it's working and if there have been any glitches before I switch over. 


value code billing for bcbs

AmyB 2 апта бұрын в Billing/Electronic Modules updated by sadie twite 2 апта бұрын 3

Has any SUD providers figured out how to bill with the Value code for Blue plus claims since they want us to stop using the HCPC code/combination effective 5.1.22. They say they do not want to see any HCPC for the TX line they want a value code to be billed. Only 1 value code can be billed on a claim and I am billing with that for the room and board part of the claim. I have asked my Provider contact person with no help.

Also since i turned on the Value code option on my payers BCBS pmap and UCARE the claims deny for use of said Value code. Procentive wont let it out the door. What a mess....