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client portal link on provider website

Rochelle Garcia 3 päeva tagasi Client Portal 0


Just wondering if any other providers have their client portal link on their website so that is easy for clients to access.  Im not sure this is allowed by Procentive but I wanted to check before we tried.



Ucare reduced rate for 18 year old clients

Mardi 3 päeva tagasi Billing/Electronic Modules 0

I work at an adolescent inpatient treatment facility and occasionally we admit clients who are 18 or turn 18 during their treatment stay.  This year Ucare pmap are paying a reduced rate after their birthday however they are receiving the same services which includes high school services.  Has anyone else experienced this?  The rate is being reduced from 216.34 to 179.25.   


Has anyone else attended the DHS trainings regarding direct access billing and/or DAANES entry changes?

LaVonne James 5 kuud tagasi Billing/Electronic Modules uuendatud 3 päeva tagasi 4

It looks like there are going to be many changes in order to bill MNITS for 1002, H2036 and H2035. Is Procentive aware of these changes and updated the software accordingly?


Facility Type Code - Drug Testing 80305 & 80307

dsalazar 3 päeva tagasi Billing/Electronic Modules 0

Does anyone know what facility type code we should use for drug testing codes such as 80305 & 80307. I've been using code 89 but one payer is denying our claims because it's the wrong facility code type. They won't tell me what code they want us to use and they just said to talk to our biller. I am the biller and I've not been able to find this information. If anyone can assist please reply. We do drug test lab screenings at our facility. Thanks.


Client Portal Payment Error

Rochelle Garcia 2 nädalat tagasi Client Portal uuendaja Chris Werner (Customer Success Manager) 2 nädalat tagasi 1


Anyone have an idea why  clients would get this error when trying to pay their bill online via the client portal?  Looking for suggestions on what settings I need to update.