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Procentive Issues

Lily 4 days ago in Meaningful Use updated by Shauna Dall 4 days ago 4

Is Procentive having issues I cant seem to login in?


Newly Licensed Clinicians-Credentialing procedures

Rochelle Garcia 2 weeks ago in User Group Help updated by Mark Cornell 6 days ago 5


I was wondering if anyone would be open to sharing what their policy/procedures are when a practitioner transitions to be becoming licensed and needs to start their credentialing applications.  For example, do you have a conversation with them about how the process works and its the expectation that they complete the applications on their own or do you have a packet of information/steps for them to follow. 

My goal is to have some type of process written but I dont want to do every step for them either so im looking for ideas on how other agencies/clinics handle this.  I know some places may have a designated person for this but Im a 1 man band over here so anything would help.



Client Portal Notifications

Rochelle Garcia 2 weeks ago in Client Portal updated by Mark Cornell 2 weeks ago 3


For the agencies using the Client Portal, do you know if there is a setting to alert staff who send forms out via the portal that they are completed by the client.  If so, can you please tell me where it is or how you follow up with these forms.



Pre populated Dates in Clinical Charting

Rochelle Garcia 2 weeks ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Kelli Feucht- ACS 2 weeks ago 13

Does anyone know if there is a way to not have the system pre-populate the dates "from" and "to" dates in the Clinical Charting module? Staff have been addressed some concerns and so I wanted to reach out to see if there was anyone else who has any ideas to get around this.


Thank you for your feedback regarding the new date filters.  We have listened to your concerns regarding communication and have since made an update on our Live Updates Page.


Chris Werner

Customer Success Manager


Optum - Adoption of CASII Clinical Criteria - Effective January 31, 2020

Paula 3 weeks ago in User Group Help updated by maryjom 2 weeks ago 2

Hello - Does anyone know where Optum would like for us to submit the data on the information that we collect on the CASII's? This is effective today, January 31st. according to the September 2019 Newsletter and  it applies to most commercial and Medicaid programs.  Optum Provider relations do not have any information.  I have a message into my Optum Network Manager.  Does anyone else know anything?

Please Advise

Thank you