Procentive Live Updates Page


This is a general reminder that Procentive has launched a Live Updates page that can be accessed directly within Procentive. 

The Live Updates page will house all of our real time information, regarding any current issues we may be experience in regards to areas such as but not limited to; Payer Issues, Clearing House Issues, Procentive known issues. 

Please use this page as your first point of action if something doesn't seem to be functioning 100%. We will be working to keep it as up to date as possible with any items or updates we wish to pass on to our customers. 

You can access the Live Updates page here. 

Or within Procentive directly by clicking the Updates link at the top right of your screen. 

Thank you,

Amanda Kaufmann

Customer Success Manager


Share Your Procentive Trick and Receive a Treat

Sara Serier 4 years ago in Procentive News updated 4 years ago 13

Comment here with a trick that you've found in Procentive to help with your daily work. The first 5 comments will receive a treat & the top comment (based on “thumbs up” votes) will receive the grand prize from Procentive on Oct. 31st!


VIDEO: Update to Appointments Module

Ashley Morschen (Project Coordinator) 2 years ago in Procentive News updated 2 years ago 2

Additional Resources (links will take you to the Knowledge Hub)

This is part of a Product Update that will be live tomorrow (7/11)

More information about this update and what enhancements are included please check your email! If you did not receive the email it can be viewed here

To receive our future emails, please sign up here!


Procentive Frozen

KatieW 2 years ago in Procentive News updated by Caleb Zimmermann (Customer Success Manager) 2 years ago 8

Are any other practices having issues with Procentive being down today? I can't get into the ticketing module to send a ticket and the boss is getting anxious. There were a couple frozen pages initially and then it worked for a while. Now it is down completely.


Procentive running slow

Aanderson 2 months ago in Procentive News updated by Amanda Kaufmann (Customer Success Manager) 2 months ago 4

Is Procentive running slow for anyone else? Several reports from staff and own experience that it is taking forever to log in or switch modules.


Procentive Issues?

Heather Wadie 2 months ago in Procentive News updated by KatieW 2 months ago 1

Is anyone having issues staying logged into Procentive today?  I have been kicked out a few times and I have staff that can't seem to get in.


Server down?

KatieW 3 months ago in Procentive News updated by Amanda Kaufmann (Customer Success Manager) 3 months ago 8

There isn't anything on the live updates page and we can' get into Procentive to send a ticket. We have an 8 hour class starting in 10 minutes and can't take credit card payments or check people in.


Errors and can't login

KatieW 4 months ago in Procentive News updated by Amanda Kaufmann (Customer Success Manager) 4 months ago 7

I can't get back into Procentive to send a ticket but I was kicked out after extra, error tabs opening. Others in my company are also experiencing errors


Trouble logging in to procentive

Nicole 5 months ago in Procentive News updated by Leah T. 5 months ago 2

We have a lot of in-home staff that are having issues logging into procentive from their laptops at home.  Is this an issue that anyone else is having?