Invoices for Co-Pay Only

Valerie McNamara 11 months ago in Reporting Module updated by Kelli Feucht- ACS 10 months ago 6

Does anyone have a work around for only invoicing the Copay, Coinsurance, Deductible?

We want to be able to generate a statement for only the Copay, Coninsurance, Deducbible amount, and remove the original invoice information.  Does anyone have a work around for this?

When I used the 3560 Statement report and Select CoPay only it will also show the amount paid and received the for original billing (which we do not want to specifically send to our clients), we want to remove this and only have Date of Service, Copay Amount due...

Has anyone else figured out how to get around this?


Procentive & DAANES

sadie.twite 2 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Kim Ross 2 years ago 1


I was just curious how other companies that work with Procentive find the billing information they need to fill out DAANES? Right now we are looking at the units used from an authorization to estimate what was billed. Is there a more accurate way of doing this without adding a lot of time?

Also, with filling out the service delivery tab in DAANES how are other companies finding the most accurate information for these questions?



Jill 3 years ago in Reporting Module updated by KatieW 3 years ago 3

Good morning!  I am wondering which report is commonly used to cross reference ERAs in Procentive with our bank statements?  I am looking at 1140 or 1370, but don't know which fields to fill in that will show me this info.  I'm currently getting too much detail.  I don't need client names, or each individual payment.  I just need the date, payer, and total check amount. 

Thanks & have a great weekend!



MN DAANES Report (5055)

Jessica M 6 months ago in Reporting Module 0

I have noticed a major lag time when running the Minnesota DAANES report. Anyone else having the same issue?


Reports To Run For Contract Work

Kali 11 months ago in Reporting Module updated by KELLY PERFETTI 11 months ago 1

What reports do you find helpful when checking on Contractor work, specifically payments?


Report #3560 Client Statements

John-Debbie Trunk 11 months ago in Reporting Module updated by Mark Cornell 5 months ago 3

Good morning,

Anyone in the community have any problems printing client statements, Report #3560?

We cannot load the statements for us to print them. We are receiving a) an error message - file error - file not found. b) Procentive is attempting to load the report but nothing populates. 


Change address on statement to rep payee?

Jonathan Beulke 11 months ago in Reporting Module updated by Valerie McNamara 11 months ago 6

Does anyone know of a way to have an alternate mailing address be put on 3560 Statements?  We serve numerous clients who have rep payees, and these statements should not be sent to the clients.  Without an option to select an alternate address to be printed on these statements, it's rather cumbersome and time consuming trying to remember which clients have rep payees.  It also adds quite a bit of time to write/print the correct address on envelopes instead of just using window envelopes designed to accommodate these statements.


Need help finding a report that is able to pull data from the Client Module/Phone tab

Calah Hansen 1 year ago in Reporting Module updated by teresa.trepanier 1 year ago 1

We would like to be able to pull data specifically on the following fields in the Client Module/Phone tab.  Report #3400 seemed like a natural fit but didn't see the fields we are looking for.  Anyone else use a specific report to pull these fields?

  1. Reminders on Days before appointment
  2. Reminders on Day of appointment
  3. Send appointment reminders to

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!




StephanieG 2 years ago in Reporting Module 0

 Is there is a report that can be run to print copays paid weekly in outpatient?