Telehealth FAQ's

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Hello All,

With the recent events affecting us all and sudden urgency for information, we wanted to use our forum as a space for the community to be able to ask questions regarding Telehealth that other users may be able to answer in a quick manner.


Please feel free to use this space to ask your questions and also answer the questions with your knowledge of Telehealth.

As always, thank you for your info and help in any way.  We appreciate all of you!

Your Procentive Staff


Telehealth continues to evolve

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From the Center for Connected Health Policy, CMS just released new guidelines for telehealth, including some changes for what I prefer to call telehavioral services. 

The guidelines include,

"Beginning July 1, 2019, the SUPPORT Act will add the enrollee’s home as an eligible originating site and remove the originating site geographic limitation on existing eligible telehealth originating sites (including the home) when treating for a substance use disorder or co-occurring mental health disorder through telehealth." 

So, at least for SUD/co-occurring treatment, things are continuing to evolve. 



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Hello! Curious if others are using Theralink and how are you liking it? 



Theralink for Family Sessions

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Interactive complexity 90785 for telehealth

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Looking to know who is regularly using 90785 for telehealth delivered services and how that's working...

Thanks so much,



Covid - 19 Waivers for Telehealth in 2021

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Has anyone heard if the payers are extending the Covid - 19 Telehealth waivers that are due to expire at the end of the year? 



Signatures in time of COVID

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Here is an update from the MN DHS regarding the policy for requiring signatures for a service plan:

Image 160


Psycotherapy Notes

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Does anyone store psycotherapy notes (therapist's personal notes) anywhere on Procentive?  Looking for a work around for our therapists that take brief notes to reference in future sessions, but need to keep them secure while working remotely--and separate from the official medical file.  



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I am wondering what video system everyone is using to see your clients for tele-health? Are there agencies using theralink through Procentive? We had already been using the state Vidyo system already, but want to know what else is out there that everyone has had luck with.  Thank you! 


Billing Telemedicine to Medicare

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I originally billing our telemed visits to Medicare with POS 02 and the GT modifier; they paid, but at a reduced rate.  I contacted Medicare and was told that the claims need to be filed with POS 11 and a 95 modifier, so I did re-openings on all of them.  When they reprocess the payment is the same as it was.  

Is anyone else having this issue or know of a different way to submit to the payment equals in-office reimbursement rates?