iOS App

Ryne 3 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by anonymous 2 years ago 1

I think that it would be a great idea to see a mobile application for clinicians for iOS and Android at some point. It is annoying having to zoom and do all this extra work to use Procentive on my iPad and make things look nice.


Procentive kicking out

teresa.trepanier 2 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by sarah 2 years ago 17

Is anyone else experiencing issues with Procentive kicking you out or not saving? 


ROI for inter agency client transfer

Mark Cornell 2 weeks ago in Meaningful Use 0

Is it required to get a ROI when transfering a client within the agency?

The agency is comprised of all independent contractors.

We were thinking of adding a blurb in the HIPAA form that allows it but nit sure if it is needed?


Does any one bill for telehealth services for mental health

TVano 7 months ago in Meaningful Use updated by Paula 7 months ago 8

Hello everyone,

We are looking into doing telehealth services and I am  wondering if any one currently bills for this? what modifiers do you use? Thank you for your help



Leah T. 7 months ago in Meaningful Use updated by teresa.trepanier 7 months ago 4

Our facility is wanting to start directly scanning into procentive. Have others had luck with it and what scanners have you had the best luck with or bad luck with? Thanks everyone :)


Billing two therapy codes

TessaLasky 1 year ago in Meaningful Use updated by Debra Pietsch 1 year ago 3

Has anyone had experience with billing two therapy codes in one day to UCare PMAP? For example, we are trying to bill code 90853 (group) and 90837 (individual) for a client on the same day. UCare will only pay one or the other it seems regardless of what I do. I did use the 59 modifier.


Workflow setup for Clients with no service in the past 60 days

Calah Hansen 1 year ago in Meaningful Use updated by teresa.trepanier 1 year ago 5

HI all,

I am hoping for some guidance on workflow definitions module set-up for Clients that have not had a service in the past 60 days.  Our clinicians would like to be notified when a client reaches 60 days with no service so they can complete the "Discharge".  We have tried running report 3140 "Inactive Clients" but would prefer an automated notice to clinicians.  Some of our clients are enrolled in multiple programs or have multiple staff associated with the client.  We typically have the outpatient MH program and outpatient MH staff person as primary.  Clients that are enrolled in School LInked Mental Health (SLMH) are listed as Primary (if no outpatient MH program/staff) or Non-Primary (if the client has a primary outpatient MH program/staff).  Has anyone set-up workfows with multiple rules or do you just separate this into 2 workflows based on program?  Any help or ideas/suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Workflow Type: Client Workflow

Workflow Rule: No service in the past 60 days

Workflow Trigger: Days without service

Days: 60

Assigned Staff: Primary staff associated with Client or Non-Primary staff associated with Client


Intake/Admission Packets

Kathy Findlay 2 years ago in Meaningful Use 0

When new clients are admitted into residential, teh guardian signs 10+ Procentive documents.. What method does your agency use to organize those documents so whoever is doing the intake does not miss documents and it makes for an efficient process? 


Topaz Signature Pads

anordman 3 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by NP Support 3 years ago 2

For those of you using the Topaz Signature Pads at your clinic/agency, which ones do you find work well? I've been told the following models are compatible with Procentive:



T-LBK460-BT-R is a wireless option.

Am also looking for feedback on where your clinic/agency purchased yours from.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!