Best Practice - Discharing clients with a balance due, provider leaving

Kaia Ellis 8 months ago in Client Portal updated by sarah 8 months ago 8

Wanted to ask other people what their experience is / what they find works the best when discharging clients from a provider's case load when they still have a balance due. 

We are trying to determine whether or not it would be ok to make our AR person their "primary" staff person.  Anybody see any issues with that? 

We have a provider who is leaving the practice, and a few of their clients are discharged from care, but they would still show up on her list unless we save them to another person.  They are no longer receiving services here (officially discharged) but they owe money still.  

Goal being that we don't lose track of them and their balance due - we also don't want to ambiguously assign them to another provider and have them showing up on their list, throws their stuff out of whack.

All ideas welcome, thanks!   


Notifying Clients of New Rates Electronically - Client Portal

Kaia Ellis 1 year ago in Client Portal updated by Mark Cornell 1 year ago 1

We are trying to find the most efficient way to notify our clients of our 2019 rate changes in a timely manner.  We have some clients receiving electronic statements in the Client Portal and some receive paper statements.  

Is there a way to attach a file to the electronic statements that get sent to the Client Portal?  We need some kind of an efficient way of notifying these clients electronically and are open to all ideas.  

Thank you!  


Client Middle Names

Kathy Findlay 2 years ago in Client Portal 0

We need to track client middle names, however in the client module it requests a middle initial and puts a period in all the reports.  Does anyone have a workaround for this or any ideas?


How do others create a record for a couple rather then separate records

Mike Arieta 2 years ago in Client Portal updated by Mark Cornell 2 years ago 1

How do others create a record for a couple rather then entering the couple as two individuals ?


Client Statements

Tina B 2 years ago in Client Portal updated 2 years ago 18

Is anyone using the client portal for statements rather than mailing them?

If so, please share any info...



Apps that work with procentive

Heather Giancola 2 years ago in Client Portal updated by Ben Simpson 2 years ago 1

We are new users and are wondering if there are any apps we can use to utilize our Iphones to be used in lieu of an electronic signature pad


Client Portal

Rochelle Garcia 3 years ago in Client Portal updated by crystalp 3 years ago 2

Are many agencies using the client portal? If you are, how did you implement/let your clients know that this is a new option? Im most excited for clients to have access to pay online but not sure how to get this information out to clients.  My understanding is for clients to have this access the must have a log in account.  Did you send out emails to clients? Looking for suggestions / recommendations! Thanks!


Client Kiosk

NP Support 3 years ago in Client Portal updated by anonymous 3 years ago 12

Would anyone with experience using Client Kiosk let us know how they use it in a waiting room setting? We are looking to implement this soon, and if you would share your stumbles or successes I would appreciate it. We are planning to start with the waiting room model, and possibly add the client portal type forms later. Thanks to anyone who cares to contribute.


Best tablet device for having clients complete screeners/assessments?

Jessica Bleninger 3 years ago in Client Portal 0


We will soon be transitioning to having our client's fill out PHQ's, GAD-7's, WHODAS, etc. on tablets, which will then flow into our DA's. Any suggestions for what seems to work best? iPads? Androids? Thanks! :)