Telehealth FAQ's

Chris Werner (Customer Success Manager) 3 weeks ago in Telehealth updated by Lily 2 weeks ago 12

Hello All,

With the recent events affecting us all and sudden urgency for information, we wanted to use our forum as a space for the community to be able to ask questions regarding Telehealth that other users may be able to answer in a quick manner.


Please feel free to use this space to ask your questions and also answer the questions with your knowledge of Telehealth.

As always, thank you for your info and help in any way.  We appreciate all of you!

Your Procentive Staff


Telehealth continues to evolve

Richard Sethre, Psy.D., L.P. 12 months ago in Telehealth updated by Alyson Zurek, LICSW 3 weeks ago 1

From the Center for Connected Health Policy, CMS just released new guidelines for telehealth, including some changes for what I prefer to call telehavioral services. 

The guidelines include,

"Beginning July 1, 2019, the SUPPORT Act will add the enrollee’s home as an eligible originating site and remove the originating site geographic limitation on existing eligible telehealth originating sites (including the home) when treating for a substance use disorder or co-occurring mental health disorder through telehealth." 

So, at least for SUD/co-occurring treatment, things are continuing to evolve. 


Telemedicine for Hennepin Health

sadie.twite 2 weeks ago in Telehealth 0

Does anyone know if Hennepin Health requires a modifier (GT or 95) for telemedicine claims? 


Telemedicine - MN MA

ejallo 2 weeks ago in Telehealth updated by John-Debbie Trunk 2 days ago 31

Does anyone know if MA is going to cover telemedicine?  When I try to validate a claim on MN-Its using the 02 POS and GT modifier I get a denial. 


Adding Telehealth as a Place of Service

We have a created a Knowledge Hub article that will guide you through setting up Telehealth as a Place of Service.

You can find this article here


Billing mental health telehealth to Health Partners

Dao Xiong 2 weeks ago in Telehealth updated by Vicki/Billing 2 weeks ago 6

Have anyone billed Mental Health Telemedicine claims to Health Partners?  Do you bill with modifier and if so what modifier code is billed with cpt code?


Telehealth services for PHP or IOP groups during COVID

ahuseby 2 weeks ago in Telehealth updated 2 weeks ago 2

We have CD & MH PHP and IOP programs at our agency how are all of you handling these programs amidst COVID?  Is there any way to provide telehealth services via zoom for a group setting for these programs and still be able to bill for it?  Our clients need for the service to continue but the only way we can continue is if there was a telehealth way.  Any thoughts or ideas of how maybe your agency is handling it, is greatly appreciated


Picture of form as good as original

Luke 2 weeks ago in Telehealth 0

In the mad dash to telehealth, is a picture of a signed telehealth informed consent form as good as an "original signature" form or PDF of it?


CE video to help you be ready to provide telehealth services

Procentive is, wisely I think, preparing to offer a telehealth platform. This is very timely, given the potential disruptions of COVID 19. MHConcierge has a one hour Board-approved CE video that can help you get ready for telehealth, with info specific to MN but relevant to other states: https://bit.ly/330GbPh


Treatment Plan Signatures for Telehealth-Only patients

Stephanie B 12 months ago in Telehealth updated by anonymous 12 months ago 9

We have a therapist who only does Telehealth sessions and so we are unable to get patient signatures on Treatment Plans. How do other clinics handle this?