Single Sign On from Password Manager

Joey 2 years ago in Settings Module 0


We're looking to implement a Single-Sign On solution that's based on a password manager. Would it be possible to disable the ability for users to update their own password, but still let them set their Digital Password for signing documents?


Secondary Payer Settings

Jeremy Roelofs-Lynch 1 year ago in Settings Module updated 1 year ago 3


I am trying to set up billing a secondary insurance for our locations -- they have never done this in the past!

I found the settings but after some initial testing it wasn't populating the correct $$$ on the claim(s). There are multiple Yes/No options...help!

Use these settings when a payer is the secondary payer:

Subtract these when computing invoice charge on claim:  

Add these when computing the prior payment:             

Subtract these when calculating the invoice charge:

I am hoping someone can share ideas/best practices on how to get secondary payer billed launched.

Thank you!



John-Debbie Trunk 1 year ago in Settings Module updated by Mark Cornell 1 year ago 5


I have no method of communication to you alerting you I have NO access to the databases I work with.

I believe this is due to the Super User Edits.

Please help resolve this asap.

Debbie Trunk

Trunk Consulting, Inc