set default appointment view

Ruth Patton 3 years ago in Appointments Module 0

Is there a way to change the default appointment view from 1 to 5 days? If I could save a click, I'd love to.


Update glitches

Abarnes 4 days ago in Appointments Module updated by Sheryl Martin 4 days ago 1

We have noticed that since the update this weekend we need to refresh our screen to see any changes. After making an appointment or changing an appointment (cancel, check in arrival). Do we know if this is going to get corrected?


last check for client arrivals

Mark Cornell 2 years ago in Appointments Module updated by KatieW 2 years ago 1

This just started showing up and we are wondering if there is a way to disable it.


Problems with Appointments Module

Shondell 3 days ago in Appointments Module updated by Amanda Kaufmann (Customer Success Manager) 3 days ago 3

We have been having problems for 3 days with the appointment module.  When you schedule an appointment it does not show up.  You have to go out of Procentive and come back in for it to refresh.  Anyone else having this issue?


Mass Notifications

Celia 3 months ago in Appointments Module updated 3 months ago 6

Was the option to send mass notifications to scheduled appointments removed from the Appointments Module?  We often need to send mass notifications when our offices close due to weather.


Hi Celia, 

Just wanted to piggy back off of what was already mentioned, which was correct. This was an enhancement that was made back in July. We posted about this on our Live Updates Page with instructions to ensure agencies didn't miss this change but I understand a lot gets lost in the shuffle! 

I will attach here the update that we had back in July which outlined this change. We're also happy to talk over any of the new permissions around this as well, if you'd like to submit a ticket. 

Thank you!

Amanda Kaufmann

Customer Success Manager


Text Message Cancellations

Gabbi 8 months ago in Appointments Module updated by Amanda Kaufmann (Customer Success Manager) 8 months ago 1

When clients are cancelling their appointments through their text message reminders it isn't updating the Status of the appointment. Instead it says that they confirmed the appointment.


New Appointment Notification

Katie Butterfield 9 months ago in Appointments Module updated by Amanda Kaufmann (Customer Success Manager) 9 months ago 3

Is there a way for Procentive to send a notification to STAFF when a new appointment is added to their schedule??


Hide Clients By Default in Appointments Module

Grant Atwood 10 months ago in Appointments Module 0

Does anyone know if it's possible to hide clients by default in the appointments module, rather than having to click the "hide clients" button every time I log back into Procentive?



Stephanie B 10 months ago in Appointments Module updated by Deanna Cahoon-Draus (Customer Care Specialist) 10 months ago 15

It seems to be standard today to be able Reply C to confirm appointments  for any kind of doctor's office's text or email reminders. Does anyone else find it strange that Procentive doesn't have this feature? 



We wanted to jump in and try to point you all in the same direction regarding this topic. If there are further questions beyond what is listed below then please submit a Support Ticket

Can clients respond to SMS/Text message appointment reminders?
Unless you have specifically requested to have it disabled, clients are able to respond to appointment reminders regardless of what you include in the message. This means, even if your message does not say "Reply Yes to confirm" your clients are still able to reply "yes" and confirm the appointment. If you would like this feature fully disabled, please send a Support Ticket.

What responses from clients are recognized?

The Procentive system for SMS appointment reminders is setup to recognize the following responses: REMOVE, STOP, CANCEL, OK, Y, YES

What if a client responds with something that is not recognized?

An email is sent to the email address entered in the Settings Module > Setup Tab > Reply e-mail for client appointment notifications (required). This email will look something like this:
SUBJECT: Procentive Client Text Response - Unknown
An SMS text response was received from phone number +17155550000 (client 1234)
This reply didn't match any reply keywords. (STOP/REMOVE/CANCEL/YES) Nothing was done with this reply. The message was: C

Where can I see what our clients responded with?

This is found in the email described above and is also found in the appointment. To access this from the appointment, open the appointment and click the "reminder" link at the bottom right below "Created by:"

Thank you,

Amanda Kaufmann

Customer Success Manager


text appointment reminders

Molly Ruggles 10 months ago in Appointments Module updated by Abarnes 10 months ago 1

For the past couple of weeks, we have had multiple clients say they didn't get an automated text appointment reminder.  The Procentive log says messages were sent.  We put in a ticket and heard back that Procentive did not believe it's an issue on their end. 

These are clients who have received the reminders with no issues in the past, and suddenly, many clients of several therapists are now not getting them and missing appointments.  Any ideas?  Or is this happening to you?

Thank you!