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Is anyone else having issues with getting their faxes today.  We haven't received a fax in a day in a half.  Wondering if this is a Procentive issue or what issue it could be


KNOWN ISSUE: Sending a Fax SQL Error Pop-Up

Rachael Smith (Care Team Manager) 11 months ago in e-Faxing updated 10 months ago 3


When sending a Fax in the Fax Module, a pop-up window detailing a SQL Error Message appears.  Please disregard this window.  

Faxes are still being sent and received.  

This pop-up window has already been addressed by our engineers and a resolution will be in place tomorrow.

Please send a Ticket to Procentive Customer Care if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Rachael Smith

Onboarding and Implementation Team Manager


This issue has been resolved.


Is anyone else experiencing problems faxing several clinical documents at one time?

Celia 12 months ago in e-Faxing updated 12 months ago 2

Known Issue: Faxing Down

Amanda Kaufmann (Customer Success Manager) 1 year ago in e-Faxing updated 1 year ago 2

We have been notified that Faxage (the faxing company we partner with to send and receive faxes) has an issue with their server currently being down. 

We are in the process of gathering information in regards to what will happen with incoming and outgoing faxes that are currently in the queue, as well as asking for an estimated fix time.  When we receive an answer, we will post the updates here. 


We have tested sending and receiving in our own databases as well as checked into various customer databases.  We do not see a system wide problem related to Procentive.  It's possible there was a small issue earlier today somewhere in the faxing technology sending from specific payers, but this can't be verified.  We've just recognized a commonality in a few things.  Nevertheless, all issues seem to be resolved here at the end of the day.  Thank you.


What kinds of client documents do you fax into Procentive?

Kim Ross 4 years ago in e-Faxing 0

We use it for new client referral docs from referral sources. But other options may be: Insurance cards, med records requests, etc. I think we may underusing the fabulous Procentive fax feature...