What are the ideal reports and/or dashboards you need?

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When you think about your role at your agency (i.e. Business Manager, Revenue Cycle Staff, Clinical Director, or Provider), how would you describe your needs for reports in order to visualize and analyze data?

What data is important to you?
What reports in Procentive are important to you?
What reports are missing in Procentive?
What type of analysis do you want to be able to do with your Procentive data?
What would be an ideal dashboard display of your data?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

Hi, sorry I am late to this discussion. I will think about what data/reports will be important. But right now, I am wondering why I can't export a report to a spreadsheet, for instance; and why I can't, after running a report, go back and only change a parameter or two, so I can re-run it?



Hi Sheryl!

Some reports have the ability to export to a spreadsheet, but not all. If you have a question about a specific report, please submit a ticket. You are able to change the search parameters as this window will stay open until it is manually closed or you move out of the Reports Module (although it might be hidden behind other windows).

Did you think of any additional data that would be helpful to report on?

Thanks for your input!

I'm looking for a report that shows a snapshot glance of invoices billed each week - something that will include re-billings, new invoices, copay/coins/deductible invoices, etc. I tried # 1010 but it does NOT show re-billings as your report description says it does.

Thanks for the response, Heather. It is my understanding that this report does include re-billings unless the final checkbox on the report parameters "Show only Original Invoice Data" is checked. Have you experienced otherwise?

Yes, I have, hence the reason for my post. I've done a lot of re-billings this week and NONE of them appear on this report.

I think I can add some clarity here. The key point is in the definition of re-submissions. In the 1010 report, a re-submission is occurs when the same service line is re-submitted on a new invoice. So when you bill the primary payer on invoice 5000, and then send that same dos to the secondary payer on invoice 5001, the 1010 report will show both submissions (unless you select the option to only show original billings). BUT if you are only re-sending the service line on invoice 5000 to the same primary payer (because the line rejected or was denied or something), this second submission does NOT appear in the 1010 report (because the second submission is not creating a new invoice). If you want to see service lines that have been re-sent to the same payer (and not resubmitted on a new invoice), you can use the 1155 Report. So the "re-submission" that 1010 refers to is when I am re-sending to a new payer on a new invoice. But the "re-submission" in 1155 is when I am re-sending to the same payer, using the same invoice (usually because I didn't get paid on the first submission). Sorry this is so long, but I hope it helps.

This makes a LOT more sense now. The descriptions of the reports need to be shorter and more concise because I was under the impression, based on the description of 1010, that re-billing (to same payer) was included in this report.

I have used the 1155 but I don't like that it doesn't provider a total at the bottom of the report. Instead I have to save it, open it in Excel, and total it myself. Or add each stinking line one by one on an adding machine. It would be great if 1155 would total all those lines.

My ideal wish, though, would be to have a more simple report that combines re-billings - of any and all varities - as well as new claims & patient balances, into ONE report. The report options in Procentive are extremely overwhelming and some of the reports are simply redundant.

Thanks for your input! It is valued and taken into consideration as we work to improve our reporting features.

In response to tweaking a report to run it again I have found that I can hover over the Chrome Icon and it let's me go back to the open report criteria and make changes. At least that has worked when I "display" a report. I don't know what happens when it's exported.