Understanding Data Flow in Clinical Documents

Pat Stream 8 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated 8 years ago 7

We have new materials coming out about how to have more success with Clinical Charting by utilizing one of the best features of Procentive: Data Flow. This is a place to discuss about those materials as well as to learn from all Procentive users.

Hi Pat! Is Data Flow the same thing as "Workflow"?? Thanks!

Isn't Data Flow the information that carries forward from say a Treatment Plan to the Progress Notes?

They are different features in Procentive. Data flow is a way for information to flow from one clinical form to another. Whereas Workflow is a way for staff to be reminded of things they need to complete, such as updating a client's DA or billing release.

Can data flow pass data from Procentive out to a third party hipaa compliant system to facilitate continued treatment in a halfway house or at home? We have a system that does this via the use of a mobile telemedicine case that is provided upon discharge. Please let me know if you would be interested in discussing. Thanks, Steve.


Hello Stephen. What you are describing is Procentive's ability to inter-operate with other systems and this is different than data-flow with in clinical documents. But to answer your question, yes, as a provider you are able to send client records to another provider via direct secure messaging or a connection to and HIE (Health Information Exchange.) The question requires that we understand better the exact data you are wishing to send from Procentive (or receive into Procentive.)

Pat, I have some forms I want to send you to review - where should I send?

Are these forms that you want created in Procentive? Please submit via the ticketing system. They will be routed to your account forms designer. You can also ask that I be associated to the ticket and I can review for readiness to send to other agencies.