Client Satisfaction Survey

Kim Ross 6 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Mark Cornell 6 years ago 7

Is anyone using Procentive to survey, via kiosk, client satisfaction? Ideally, we could then run a Procentive report to obtain and analyze data. Is anyone using Procentive like this or does Procentive have the capability to assist with client satisfaction administration?

I would be interested in knowing if Procentive has this capability via client kiosk as well.


I guess I'll create a Procentive ticket b/c no one's responding here. I'll let you know what I find out, Rochelle!

we have one in our kiosk forms but I don't know if it's one that we had made specifically or if it is a procentive ready-made form


Are you able to collect the survey data using a Procentive report?

Yes :)  we use form L278-1005  I don't know if it is specific to our organization as it was there before I started.

I am attaching a sample printout for your review.  This survey goes in to clinical charting and you can create a workflow to alert you when one is completed so that you can review it.Survey

Hi Kim, I really like this idea!! We collect surveys via email through another program, but some of our clients don't have email, so we end up having to send paper copies.  I would really be interested in collecting the data through a report!!