KNOWN ISSUES: Resubmit claims sent last week

Pat Stream 6 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Ashley M 6 years ago 4

Last Tuesday there was coding related to an improvement to billing functionality that went through that triggered some claims to come back with an error from the clearing house.   The error has been resolved on our end but claims sent Tuesday or Wednesday will need to be resubmitted.

Because of this we are making the following recommendations:

1.  Review your Electronic Module for error-ed invoices that were sent on Tuesday or Wednesday and review the error reports.

2.  The error is located in the H1 segment.  If you find an error there, then the claim needs to be resubmitted.  The error on our side has been resolved and the claim will go through without the error impacting the claim again.

3.  Contact Procentive Support via the Ticketing Module if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you for the notification. Adding clarity to your message. The dates you are asking us to resend claims are from Tue-11/21 and Wed-11/22. Correct?


You are correct.  Thank you.

If there were no errors, do we still need to re-send the claims?

Good Question Tina! In short, no. 

If you do not have any claims with the error mentioned, meaning you were unaffected by this issue, then there's no further action required.