Windows 10 upgrade

Tanya Leither 8 years ago in Procentive News updated by Mike Boike 8 years ago 5

Have there been any problems using Procentive when upgrading to Windows 10?

The Procentive staff are all on Windows 10 (and love it), but we still prefer Chrome over the Edge browser as they (Windows developers) are still working out some kinks in the Edge browser.

Thanks! Does that mean that IE 11 is no longer an option once we upgrade?

I do not use the Windows 10 Edge browser for Procentive, because when trying to view/print, for example, Clinical documents (which generates the pdf view), Edge refuses to open the pdf as part of Edge. Instead it downloads the pdf file to a really, really hard to find Windows folder, and opens it with Acrobat or whatever.

This, to me, is a huge HIPAA security hole, as the pdf is now stored somewhere on my hard drive. And I haven't seen that it is automatically deleted. (Yes, I get that even in IE a pdf is downloaded, but at least it's deleted as far as I know, when the window is closed.)

If someone can address this security hole, or tell me why it isn't a problem, then Edge seems to work fine.