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After the phone conference I am more confused then I was originally. Do we still use the DSM V for diagnostic criteria or is only using the Blue and Green book for ICD-10 ok? Why does the Blue and Green book have 4th and 5th digits that are not in ICD-10? Please help.
Yes, we have to use both. Because our boards hold us to the DSM criteria we start there, then see if the "Green Book" matches that description. We then go to the "Blue Book" to make sure the code is billable. The blue book is what CMS uses and those are the only billable codes allowed. With the billing and "extra" codes. We have to be as specific as possible per CMS so if they are there, we have to use them. I look at it this way: The DSM is designed primarily for diagnosing our clients and it is not so concerned with how billable those codes are. The "Blue Book" is what is allowed to be billed and the "Green Book" helps us to know what the descriptions are for the "Blue Book". If there are discrepancies then as an agency you have to decide if what you are willing to stand behind regarding billing. That is why we made a crosswalk for our staff so that they are aware of what we are ok with and if they disagree or have other diagnoses that they want us to look at they look through the books and come back with a proposal. I hope that helps. Happy to talk further if needed.
I am still confused about the "green book" Is that the same thing as the Tabular Index? We have been using DSM 5 and the 3 ring binder we received for doing the Training by Lisette. Overall I think we are on the right track and doing well to be prepared, just wanting a little more clarification on what books/indexes we need to have in our office and where to get them. When I google these things there seem to be so many options. Would be nice to have a link to exactly the right/best resources to have in our office (specifically Blue book and Green Book, and any others you recommend). Thanks!
No. The Green Book is the ICD10 Classification of Mental and Behavioral Disorders and it describes the codes that are in the Blue Book. If you only bill the code in the Blue Book you don't know what the code description or criteria are.
So can we trust that the codes in Procentive under ICD 10 are linked to the "Blue Book Codes" and only purchase a "Green Book" for the office to obtain the clinical documentation for those "blue book" codes in Procentive?
Can you send me a link for the exact ICD10 Classification of Mental and Behavioral Disorders that we should purchase. There seems to be so many options when I google that...( I see a First Edition in Amazon and multiple PDF Files, that look we could print off ourselves) but I want to get the correct one.
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The short answer yes. But, just to clarify, the codes in Procentive come directly from the ICD-10 CM Tabular Index from CMS. The Bluebook includes these sames codes, and more because it is based on the international standard. So, there will be codes in the Bluebook that are not on the Tabular Index.
Ok, so to cover Procentive we are to have both in our offices and know both! Hmmm, can I please still have links or someone tell me exactly which resources I should get! I am so overwhelmed and frustrated by this. When I google Blue Book there is a PDF available but it has descriptions AND codes. When I watched Lisette's video and did the training in her manual I felt very comfortable moving forward and like I knew a lot. This blue book/green book thing still is so frustrating to me. Who can I talk to on the phone?
Here is the link to the blue book out at the WHOs site: http://www.who.int/classifications/icd/en/bluebook.pdf
You're right in that is has codes and descriptions (i.e. diagnostic criteria) but they will be helpful for you. The codes will match what is on the Tabular index, which is what is in Procentive. However, you'll find the diag. criteria will be different than the DSM5 manual. You have to you use your professional judgement based on those differences and decided what Dx code to give the client.

My recommendation is that you have:
1. DSM5 book
2. Blue Book link
3. Green book (as an extra step to confirm your Dx)

I think just one last clarification: Please tell me the difference between the "Green Book" and the ICD-10 CM Tabular Index. AND please provide me a correct link to how to get a Green Book. Thank you:) I am getting less confused by the moment...