Scanner recommendations

Kelli Feucht- ACS 7 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Tanya Leither 7 years ago 3

Our office is new to Procentive since January. We purchased an Epson WorkForce ES-500 Wireless Duplex Color Document Scanner (TWAIN compatible) and are having issues with it with in Procentive. It will work for several hours then stop and then we can't scan for a while. Come in next day can scan and then again it stops working. We have contacted Epson and they are unable to help us as the scanner works just fine with the Epson scanning software. Can anyone recommend any scanners that are working continuously with Procentive for us?

Epson DS-510 Scanner

We use Fujifilm iX500 ScanSnaps for all of our scanning needs. While we don't have it integrated to scan directly into Procentive, we have never run into any issues with them.

We use a Neat scanner that works to scan insurance cards and photo ids into the Payer tab documents. However, when Chrome had an update a year ago the scanner no longer worked with Procentive in Chrome, we can only use it with Internet Explorer. Larger documents we scan to email with our Samsung copy/scanner, save, rename and then upload.