Is it possible to use the documents module to scan in a copy of client's insurance card which could be saved in the client module?

LynnF 7 years ago in Clients Module updated by anordman 7 years ago 9

We have always kept a hard copy of the client's insurance card, but would rather be able to scan and upload it as a document and store it in the client module. Just wondering if that is possible?


We scan insurance cards in the documents tap on the Payer, works if you have a scanner by your station. We also upload benefit info whenever possible so a copy of an insurance card could be scanned and uploaded too.


We also scan cards and upload them to Client > Payer tab. It's great! Also, using Eligibility dates tab in the client payer tab is really great!


Is there currently information on how we scan and upload them? Where they attach to? Do we need a specific scanner?


If you don't have an insurance card scanner (that scans and uploads them directly to the client's Payers/documents section) then scan to your computer, name the scan, go to the Payer Tab in the client's account and then go to the sub-section Documents. Click on Browse. This brings you to your computer where you can find the scan you want to upload. (This is why you name the scan; to make sure you upload the correct scan). Once the scan is selected, click upload.

Is there an insurance card scanner that will upload directly to the Payer Tab/document section in Procentive?


We have a "neat" scanner. It only works with Internet Explorer since Chrome did an update and it's no longer compatible. Works well for ins cards, one or two page documents, etc. If there is a several page document we use the scan-to-email on our copier which is encrypted. That scan can then be saved, renamed and uploaded to the payer tab.


The only technical requirement for a scanner is that it needs to be TWAIN compliant.

Thank you all for your help. The office has been so busy that I haven't been able to respond or try it yet, but I hope to this week. It should cut down on hard copies that we keep in the office. Again thanks to all of you. :)

As a side note, I was able to upload the document to the client module. Now wondering for people who have frequent insurance changes, is there a way to delete documents when they are no longer needed?

We use Epson DS-510 scanners at our clinic which work wonders! You'd be surprised how quick and easy you're able to scan insurance cards into the documents tab.. both front and back at the same time. It also works well when scanning documents into the Clinical Charting module, especially if you have multiple pages that are being scanned in for a single entry! Hope this is helpful to those that are looking into scanners for their agencies/clinics.