Are you paperless?

Sara Serier 9 years ago in Industry News/Discussion updated by Bobbi 9 years ago 5

How have you transitioned to being a paperless company? In what instances do you still use paper? What Procentive features aid in this transition?

Before I started the billing person was having reception staff make paper copies of insurance cards for her to look at and keep in a filing cabinet. Now we have the cards scanned to billing and we upload the referrals AND insurance cards to the client payer tab. We also utilize the Documents module and I upload A LOT of documents to that, including Auth forms from all the payers that we use frequently. Procentive has SO MANY features to help us go paperless! Fax module too. Kim and I are big advocates of going paperless. I'm sure we have a lot of other examples too.

We have adopted the Contacts Log for documenting records requests and scanning the Release of Information that associates with the request. The log is titled RECORDS LOG and can be added to as requests come in or if we send out. We add a Note in the demographic to indicated this log has been started. The only hiccup was when Chrome stopped supporting a driver needed by our scanning hardware, but we just switch to Explorer to scan and it works well.

Im interested in how you keep your requests paperless. Im not sure where the "contacts Log" is. Can you tell me which module or tab its under so I can try to figure it out. Currently we just scan as part of clinical charting but I just dont think that module is the most appropriate.


We have it in Clinical Charting and the form is P256-1009. If you don't have it, see if Procentive can turn it on for you to check out. We also use it to scan prescriptions for our psychiatrist - we call that log "PRESCRIPTIONS"

We have been paperless for a couple of years now and it was a big transition however there are just a few forms that we still have clients do on paper and then scan in if there are too many clients at once doing admissions. Otherwise we use the kiosk to have the clients fill out intake paperwork. We use the scan directly into documents and into the payers tab for insurance and we use the faxes module for all faxing so no printing of those either. Any document we get that is on paper gets scanned into the client record. It's really nice to have everything uploaded into the chart so that anyone working with the client has access to all of the information we need.