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I know Procentive's new formatting went live this morning so there still may be some bugs to work out. Does anyone else have significantly more space dedicated to the header/footer area on their layout? The usable area i'm able to see has been reduced by a good margin and I'm hoping there's just a setting I can modify to shrink the dead space and see more lines (especially in the Time module).  I'm already zoomed out in my browser and if I go any further I won't be able to read the text anymore


Yes, I have noticed the same thing and am hoping there is a quick fix for it as well. 

Just wondering if anyone is having issues with Procentive on their IPADS?


I am not a fan of the new layout!  Hopefully it will get fixed where there isn't so much space used for headers/footers and more for client info.  


Loving the new look with the crisper font!


I agree that the font choice looks nice, I'm just hoping for more space for client data

Is anyone having issues with Ticketing module flashing???

It is flashing on the left module bar, but new tickets or new comments are not causing a ticket to flash.


I sent a ticket asking if that is going to come back. I can post here when I get a reply.


Same here.. I need the ticketing to flash!

Not completely thrilled with the new layout. I preferred the dark colors - or would like the option to turn the "whitespace" down.  Also - there is a lot of wasted space in headers and sidebars.  I work primarily off of a laptop and am not able to expand calendars, client files, etc. Smaller window for viewing is frustrating!  And is there anyway to bold the print???  

Would have been nice to get input from the users on what works and what doesn't????  


Not working in Safari-freezes up. 

Can't copy appointments.

Too much dead space at top margin.

Can't click on heading of a table to organize by that heading (e.g., group by who it's "waiting on" in Ticketing module)

Where is the Knowledge Hub link?

Knowledge Hub Link is up with the question mark in the upper righthand corner. That is also where you can create a ticket.

I am noticing I can only work in Google Chrome, I am used to Safari so hoping that gets resolved in the next day or two.  This is going to take some getting used to, many changes but if I play around in it I seem to find everything I need. Some bugs and kinks to work out but seems a little more "friendly looking"

Is anyone else noticing remarkable slowness (taking a few seconds or more to load a client search)

yes we are extremely slow and staff are being kicked out of Procentive.

yes---staff is not happy right now

Yes.  extremely slow.  I just sent one BCBS invoice that was average in size and it took 4 minutes to send.  This normally takes seconds.

What I have experienced so far using Safari 14.1.  Cannot open the Billing module at all and the page itself is distorted.  Payment module extremely slow to open. Took several minutes.  So far for me the ERA and client modules open quickly.

Looks like Procentive recommends clearing cache and cookies for those having problems in Safari.  Havent tried it yet but thought I'd share.


Some of my staff aren't able to access the appointment module.  The Procentive logo is in the middle of the page (laying on top of important features) and none of the features on that page are operative.

Also very slow this morning. 

Doing it on Chrome slowed me down even more - but I think it is just supposed to be the first time each module loads - that's what the Chrome History page said.

This is horrible.  By the time my module loads the system logs me out.  I can't do anything.


Looks like they rolled the changes back


From the Updates page:


Slowness in Procentive

We are aware with our most recent update, this has been causing slowness issues for some of you. This issue did not present itself in our internal testing or Beta testing.

We rolled back our update to ensure we can work on the root cause of the issue.

Please know we plan to fix this and maintain our “fresher” look.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you!


Thank you for working through the bugs of the update. 

I understand your need to maintain your "fresher" look but the updates made are really not user friendly. Please consider the comments made by several users and tweak/update accordingly. We are busy and want a system that works well to maintain our productivity.   Don't "fix" what wasn't broken!   Thank you! 


Thank you SESumm. I agree with your comments. Having a fresher look would not be on the priority list of updates. Having a fully functioning system with new advances that "help" us work more efficiently is a better move.


The current layout works well!!! PLEASE don't change!  


I agree 100%. We could care less about a "fresher look" or a font change. Every time there is an update that is rolled out it seems to have NOTHING to do with a functional update and always causes issues for our providers and staff. Perhaps consider listening to the companies that use your services. We have requested SEVERAL enhancements to Procentive and were shot down every time.... why is the appearance a priority here?


I completely agree! It's almost been a YEAR since I sent a ticket for an issue I'm having with Procentive and was told we will get to it. Almost a YEAR later, it's still in research mode. I don't need a "fresher look". PLEASE look at the ticket I submitted almost a year ago.

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for your feedback on the recent layout update.  We are working hard on fixing the root cause of the slowness that occurred with new update.  

Just for transparency, the "fresher" look is just the beginning of things that have been asked for in the past.  A lot of back end things were updated in order to update the look that will also allow for widgets, a more mobile friendly platform, better security, better stability, etc.  The updated look is just more of a end user visual but a lot more is going into what is actually visible.  

This is just the start of better things to come and we appreciate your patience and feedback for us to help make Procentive better.

Anyone else notice the Task module has disappeared?  Our staff uses it to communicate about clients in different locations and it has been taken from the menu.

it was moved to the ticketing module you can select tasks from the top

nevermind i do not see it anymore there