Things To Be Aware Of - Next Steps

Katie Sandquist 5 years ago in Known Issues updated by Amanda Kaufmann 5 years ago 13

Good Morning,

We have successfully moved Procentive to a new hosting system.

The first item for you to be aware of is to clear your cache.

Clear your cache in Google Chrome

Clear your cache in Internet Explorer

Clear your cache in Safari

Next, if you receive a message in Clinical/Charting that reads, "You do not have permission to view this Clients chart", Clear your Cache.  See above for those articles. 

In the Electronic Module, for any claims sent between 6/18-6/21, you will need to read the Response Report, even if the status column still says "sent".  The reports came back in during the transition but the status was not able to update.  We can confirm that this is fixed moving forward, but the status will not update for reports that were received on 6/22.  

Working great it Chrome.  IE we have been having problems with opening up pdf attachments even after clearing cache, rebooting etc.


I've been working with Chrome all morning with no issues. 


We are noticing the same issues as well.  Everything working fine with Chrome but having issues with opening documents on IE.  Tried the clearing as well and still nothing. 

I am having trouble in the time module.  Takes a long time to load.


In regards to the IE issue regarding the PDF documents, we have found that this is a browser issue within IE that we are exploring further. 

Current workarounds would be:

1. Use google chrome - as this is Procentive's preferred browser 

2. If still using IE: Please disable Adobe PDF Reader as an add-on from IE. You should then be able to open or save the attached documents.

If you've followed those steps, and are still seeing errors within IE please submit a ticket to Procentive. 

Thank you!


We are also having major issues. Client module will not open, appointments module and billing module not loading for 8-10 minutes at a time.

Thank you for getting this resolved!

What is going on with Procentive now?  Very slow to open anything if it even opens anything. I have rebooted and that hasn't help.  Our whole office is have issues.

Same here! 
Very frustrating. 

My office is reporting slowness as well. I'm trying to send billing before I'm done for the day but this is really hamstringing me.

us to. Almost everyone is down


We’ve seen that there are a few of you experiencing slowness. We have addressed this, and have a team of engineers currently looking in to this. 

Thank you for your feedback, as we look in to this for your agency. 


We are also having slowness here, thanks for looking into it, just wanted you to know it is affecting more sites.

We were able to successfully find the cause of the brief slowness. We were then able to take immediately, and our systems were back to running at full strength as of 2:25 CT. 

We appreciate the alerts we received as we were able to jump on this quickly, as well as your patience as we worked towards a resolution. 

Thank you,

Amanda Kaufmann 

Customer Success Manager