Best Practice - Discharing clients with a balance due, provider leaving

Kaia Ellis 4 years ago in Client Portal updated by sarah 4 years ago 8

Wanted to ask other people what their experience is / what they find works the best when discharging clients from a provider's case load when they still have a balance due. 

We are trying to determine whether or not it would be ok to make our AR person their "primary" staff person.  Anybody see any issues with that? 

We have a provider who is leaving the practice, and a few of their clients are discharged from care, but they would still show up on her list unless we save them to another person.  They are no longer receiving services here (officially discharged) but they owe money still.  

Goal being that we don't lose track of them and their balance due - we also don't want to ambiguously assign them to another provider and have them showing up on their list, throws their stuff out of whack.

All ideas welcome, thanks!   


Perhaps if you have a facility director in-house you might consider the Clinical Director the assigned staff person.


We have had providers leave with client balances.  The provider is inactive but when you run the 1010 report it still pulls and if a payment comes in you would still be able to post payments.  Why would you want to change this?

That's a good question - my admin lead asked me what I thought about assigning them so that's why I am asking here.  I'll follow up with her, I think she thought that she couldn't leave them assigned to the provider if they were inactive for some reason.

We still close our clients, if they have an outstanding balance. Statements are generated until the balance is gone, not until the client is closed. 

The only thing we don't do is close a client who still has billing needing to process. We require documents to be Audit Ready prior to billing, so a note or two might be missed until the day after a clinician's last day - or they see a client on their last day and audit ready the note - but it still takes the three days for the billing to process. THEN, we close the chart.

When you say close do you mean inactivate? We have had issues with clients being discharged/inactivated, and then they didn't receive a statement. 

Yes. We inactivate them, but I still get a statement when I run them each month. Could it be something as simple as the Client Status drop-down on the Statements Search?

Another option is to click on the COLLECTIONS Module in Procentive.  One would need to have access to this module.  

Click the SHOW drop down box to PRIVATE PAY Inactive Only.  This will display current, 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, 120 day balances due for a client.  

It's a great way to track clients (active or inactive) that have a balance due.  

Thank you, so far we haven't used this module very  much but that's a great idea as far as tracking.