Procentive slowness

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I know there have been a few tickets lately but I wanted to start a new one because of the upgrades that took place this past weekend.  We are still experiencing slowness throughout our system.   Others have indicated in other tickets that this is an ongoing concern, but specifically today are others experiencing slower-than-normal performance?

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Yes.  We are still having issues as well.

Yes, indeed.  frustrating.

Yes we have the same issues

We too are experiencing continued slowness. If anything this week has been worse as it is not intermittent it is CONSTANT slowness.

Still slow for us as well, It is difficult to do to business.

Still very slow and won't save payments during posting!

Same, I'm normally done posting ERAs by 9 or 9:30 but I'm still trying to get through them because the slowness/freezing are causing issues.

Yes I am experiencing the slowness/freezing as well.  Takes a long to time to open anything as well as saving.

Today is a bad day for us - getting more reports of staff getting kicked off, blank white screens, etc.  Procentive responded to my individual ticket saying their system was showing normal performance (that was at 8:45)  but I think there must be some disconnect between that and our user experience.

It is extremely slow, seems like it is getting worse instead of better.

Oh boy. The performance today is sub-par to say the least. Challenging to accomplish any kind of tasks. Pro Engineers: Wishing this was NOT a consistent trend. 

Sooooo frustrated! I keep having staff come in complaining about slowness and freezing up. I am trying to ERA's and this is painfully slow!


Very Frustrating!!  Bad time for Procentive to send out their quartley satisfaction survery...