Has anyone received their BCBS ERA's over the weekend?

Tina B 5 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by Leah T. 5 years ago 7

We usually have at least 10 ERAs from BCBS that come in over the weekend. We did not receive any.

No we have not receeived them.

I received one for PMAP but it was for 2018 claims.

Hello! We also did not receive any ERAs from BCBS this weekend.

We still have not received any ERA's from BCBS has anyone heard anything on the delay?

I work with multiple groups. Everyone I work with has received BCBS PMAP payments this morning. FYI.

We received BCBS but not PMAP (we have been getting those too though)

We received our BCBS Pmap just not our commercial BCBS