Leah T. 5 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by teresa trepanier 5 years ago 4

Our facility is wanting to start directly scanning into procentive. Have others had luck with it and what scanners have you had the best luck with or bad luck with? Thanks everyone :)

We just use Brother desk-top scanners. Inexpensive, and easy to use.

We are utilizing Epson ES-500 Workforce Desktop scanners, stay away from WiFi scanners as they can be finicky.  We have one with WiFi and one that is connected directly to the Desktop.  The WiFi one we have had issues with and ended up turning the WiFi off and connecting it directly to the desktop.  The one without WiFi, never had any issues with so save the money and just purchase the direct connection scanner if you go with Epson.

We don't scan directly into Procentive, but we use Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500s and they are extremely easy to use and quite reliable for us.  They're expensive at $450-500, but worth it.  I've forgotten that scanning directly into Procentive is an option; I'll have to look further into it.

We have Fujitsu scan snap ix 500 , Fujitso fi-6110 and Epson not sure the model. Both are good scanners. Just remember to scan directly into procentive your scanner needs to be TWAIN complaint. So research your scanners that you are able to download a TWAIN driver for it. I have been scanning into procentive for a few years now and love it with the Fujitso fi-6110. Works best when using firefox as well.