Anyone else having problems with slowness?

Shondell 5 years ago in User Group Help updated by Elaine 5 years ago 19

Procentive is so slow today for my office.  Hard to get anything done.  Anyone else having that issue?

Yes. We are having intermittent slowness. I've had to check anything saved due to this behavior this morning. FYI

Yes we are experiencing slowness issues as well.  Submitting a ticket to Procentive now.

yes, I submitted a ticket as well

Hello everyone, 

Thank you for your concerns, we will take your comments and look in to see if there is anything on the Procentive side that is causing this. 

-Amanda Kaufmann

Customer Success Manager

Very slow for me this morning.  Not saving correctly either. 

This is still an ongoing issue.  Today is horrible, is anyone else having problems?

Yes. Consistent s-l-o-w-n-e-s-s.....

Yes, everything is taking extra time to open. 


Painfully slow!!!

Yes, I submitted a ticket on Monday about the slowness and again this morning looking for an update this is Procentive's response...

Thank you for reaching out to report this to us again. We are continuing to research the cause and improve performance.  

Yes, not right! We need to conduct business. 


Thank you all for your tickets addressing this, we are able to act more accordingly when we have feedback from our users. 

We are implementing a few larger resolutions over the weekend (3/23-3/24) which will increase our performance. We will continue to monitor and implement other optimizations daily.

Thank you, 

Amanda Kaufmann

Customer Success Manager

Thank you for the update Amanda. Are there any specific times over the weekend where the updates will be taking place so I can warn my clinicians who are trying to do documentation at odd times? 

Also, is there a regular update slot on the weekends? Several of my clinicians have reported issues losing documents without warning when they're working on documentation at unusual times.


Hi Katie, 

There will not be an outage time during the weekend updates, it will all be behind the scenes. 

If your clinicians are losing documents during off times, please submit a ticket to us with the details as we'd be happy to look in to this for you. 

Thank you,


Unfortunately, I work off-site most of the time and they don't tell me about it until I'm in the office. By then, they've forgotten the details. I'm working with them to get them to let me know sooner but I think they just get frustrated when it happens and don't write down all the things I want to know.

This is a constant issue with slowness, locking up as well as getting kicked off Procentive.  Very frustrating when trying to get work done.  Not very productive for staff.

We are also have an issue with the slowness in Procentive. The ticketing system was especially troublesome this week.

We have been experiencing slowness and freezing up but today, The windown wouldn't open at all. I was able to open it in Internet Explorer. Other people in my building do have it open in Chrome.