Report #3560 Client Statements

John-Debbie Trunk 5 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Mark Cornell 5 years ago 3

Good morning,

Anyone in the community have any problems printing client statements, Report #3560?

We cannot load the statements for us to print them. We are receiving a) an error message - file error - file not found. b) Procentive is attempting to load the report but nothing populates. 

check the minimum amount for the statements perhaps there is no balance do what I do is I set the minimum to - $1,000. That way it will generate all statements to put on the client file then I said it to $2.50 when I run for statements I want to print because typically Ma has a $3.15 copay

We are also having issues with this report.  I had about 30 pages print and then it just stopped.  Tried to create the report again and nothing.

the other thing I was going to mention is segment your printing I usually run a through J and then K through z

this breaks up the processing and allows it to complete