​EXTRA! EXTRA! We want your input!

Sara Serier 7 years ago in Industry News/Discussion updated 7 years ago 4

EXTRA! EXTRA! We want your input.

What if Procentive had a place (wink, wink) that all staff could find answers to their questions? What might they be?

We are curious...share your commonly asked questions.

If you are a champion, what questions are most asked of you?

If you are a clinician or admin, what questions do you typically have?

Examples: How do I reset my digital signature password? Why can’t I change my service line? I got a workflow notification- what do I do with it?

A lot of my questions have to do with reports. So my question would be "I need............. what report can I run to get this?" I also tend to have ERA questions and do research on CARC codes.

I agree that reports don't always seem to give us what we are looking for and the explanation is vague. Workflow isn't as easy to use as it seemed it would be after reading the training and watching the video.

I also get a lot of questions on reports and general Procentive functionality and security, i.e. how do I enter ABC? Why can't I see XYZ? Being new to Procentive myself, I have the same questions! Both myself and my staff have questions on functionality that may be available that we're not utilizing, and optimizing the functionality we already have (making things more efficient.)

Thanks for the feedback! Can you provide any specific examples of "ABC" or "XYZ" so we can be sure we are helping you as best we can? Also, feel free to ask functionality & optimization questions in this User Community for other Procentive users to respond to!