Change address on statement to rep payee?

Jonathan Beulke 5 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Valerie McNamara 5 years ago 6

Does anyone know of a way to have an alternate mailing address be put on 3560 Statements?  We serve numerous clients who have rep payees, and these statements should not be sent to the clients.  Without an option to select an alternate address to be printed on these statements, it's rather cumbersome and time consuming trying to remember which clients have rep payees.  It also adds quite a bit of time to write/print the correct address on envelopes instead of just using window envelopes designed to accommodate these statements.

In the client module go to the mail tab and add the information to the top address boxes.

The bottom section will send an additional statement if needed

Go to the client module  and open it  then go to the mail tab t and enter the information you want in there.

Thanks Mark & Lily, 

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Thank you for posting this! This has been extremely helpful! (Both answer and response)