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Good afternoon,

Has anyone received any remits yet from Amerigroup (BCBS PMAP) claims? 


We have not!!!

I have called multiple times to be told the claims are "processing" and that we need to give them 30 days.  With the rerouting issue that makes it 30 days from Jan 14. 

Thank You Kim N. We have to advised of the same information. Payment could be expected mid-February if all goes well. 




I ended up calling today because we have A LOT of our claims through this payer.  Amerigroup/BCBS PMAP told me they have 30 days to process the claims.  Had the transition gone smoothly and claims went through properly, we'd normally see a remit back anytime now.  I anticipate they will now be delayed by a couple of weeks since it wasn't until 1/14/19 that the error was caught/looked into.

We resent all our invoices for the BCBS PMAP on January 14th...when I check on Availity it is difficult to determine if they have received the 'new' claims...they denied all those first two weeks as needing an auth...what info, if any, has anyone had that the claims now "processing" are what was resent to the correct ID?

I just received the following from our BCBS Provider Rep

Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) Claims Pending

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and Blue Plus (Blue Cross) has pended and is carefully validating the processing of Minnesota Health Care Programs (Families and Children, MNCare, MSC+, and MSHO/Secure Blue) subscriber claims submitted for dates of service beginning January 1, 2019 to ensure that as they are finalized, they have been accurately processed and priced on the new claim platform.

The first large release of MHCP claims will be remitted the week of February 11th.

Blue Cross expects that the majority of pended MHCP claims will be processed and remitted to providers by the end of February. Interest will be paid on clean claims that are not processed within 30 days.

Do we need to resubmit any claims at this time? I have heard both yes and no....

I had resubmitted our claims and I did see that a few and I mean a very few were paid on the remit that is coming this week.