TX Plan pulled to Discharge Summary

Allysa 8 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Sara Serier 8 years ago 1

Wondering if there is someway to have the last TX plan pull to the discharge summary. What happens is, it will pull if the discharge summary is done within the 90 days that the TX plan is valid but if outside that time it does not pull. The reason of it being outside that time frame would be that the client has not returned so the clinician has not done a new TX plan but is still in a waiting period to see if the client is going to return. This just depends on when the last appointment falls. It there a setting that can be changed just for the one form?

Hi Allysa! We are unable to change the data flow rules of a single form to meet the needs you described. However, we have some options for a workaround that are best discussed via ticketing. If you submit a ticket, our clinical team is happy to assist you!

Would love to hear what others do in this situation as well!