Good Morning Kelly,

Yes. I do billing for multiple agencies. I have not had any success using Availity or by calling BCBS directly. The new PMAP ID numbers are not being recognized at the moment. I am suspending BCBS PMAP billing for a little while until this transition is resolved. 


I have been able to track down all of ours using Availity. I just had to search by name and DOB. Make sure you are searching using the "BCBS Medicaid" option on the drop down instead of just BCBS. Hopefully that helps!

I was also able to get 90% of our BCBS PMAP ID numbers this way. Took forever but at least they're updated!

Tessa L - Thank you. I wasn't aware there was a BCBS Medicaid option. I will check this out. I appreciate that tid-bit.I've never had any results with BCBS plans searching by name and DOB. :(


Debbie-This was the only way I was able to do it. Also, I found a lot of clients went off of the Blue Cross PMAP and on to straight MA starting 1/1/19 which is why those plans did not show up in Availity. I verified these in MN-ITS.

I was also able to find almost everyone searching with name and DOB under the BCBS Medicaid option.

Tessa - Doing MA/PMAP verifications will be important this month! Thank you again. 


I was hoping Procentive eligibility report would provide ID numbers like it has done in the past. (it does not) 

I called BCBS today and was transferred multiple times. 

Then I was given a new phone number for 2019 Blue plus policies 866-518-8448.

I called in using new phone #.

I was able to get new Blue Plus ID for clients as long as I had their PMI # and verified first and last name and Birth date.  

Will try the Availity BCBS Medicaid option , we didn't have any success yesterday using Availity. 

Thank you ladies. This conversation was very helpful. I appreciate this forum.

Happy New Year.


Thank you! This made my day! :-)

As of 1/1/19, Blue Plus policies are now managed by Amerigroup. Blue Plus ID's now have the prefix LMN, followed by a new number starting with '7'. The new ID's can be searched by Last name, First name, and DOB in Availity. There is also a new pre-cert process for Inpatient approval that we are having some issues testing at the moment. I've attached the Blue Cross bulletin regarding this switch. 


We are using Availity, as mentioned above - make sure you are looking them up under Blue Plus Medicaid, or they won't show up as active for you. We are using the first and last name and DOB. Only a handful have not shown up on Availity when they show up as Blue Plus on MN ITS. Looking to call in on those today. Thank you for the Blue Plus policy number listed above!