Billing Secondary Payer/COB

Jeremy Roelofs-Lynch 6 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Missy 5 years ago 6

Our facility has never billed secondary payers. I am trying to get this set up but seem to be struggling.

Can anyone share best practices, tips/tricks, workflows, lessons learned...?

Do you bill the secondary when you are posting the ERA/Payment via the ERA Module?

Do you do everything manual in the COB Tab?

Hello Jeremy, 
You will not need to manually enter COB data when 1) you have the Copy COB checkbox checked (ERA Module > Payment Entry Mode) and 2) you process the ERA from the ERA module.  This video may also be helpful to you: Process an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) 
Thank you, I have already reviewed all Procentive material related to this topic. The problem is I am not the one that posts the remits but need to figure this out from  the billing side how to get this process up.

Even when I do it manually; the paid amount on the HCFA comes out incorrectly!
I am guessing that it is off  by a few cents or less than $5.  If that is correct it is most likely the tax amount that is off.
Hi Mark - it is completely off - not close at all. I am wondering if it is our settings? Thank you.
Hi Jeremy, 
We would be happy to take a closer look for you.  If you would like some additional help on this please submit a ticket with an example.  Thank you!