Large balance alert

beth 5 years ago in Appointments Module updated 5 years ago 6

Does anyone have an effective way of alerting staff that a former client cannot be rescheduled until they have paid toward a balance? 

Our scheduling staff are different from billing staff, and we need a way to communicate to the scheduling staff when a particular client needs to pay/set up a payment plan before they can be scheduled. 


Hello Beth,

We add a client note that flashes from inside the client account that alerts the scheduling staff. We also inactivate the account preventing easy access to the account until the balance has been resolved. We train our scheduling staff to pay attention to any colored notes in the client account as these notes are a way of communicating something important about the client.

Other than that we haven't found any other ways to communicate this kind of notification. 

Hope this is helpful. 


Hi Debbie! Thank you so much! I really wish procentive allowed pop-up alerts. 

When the note flashes, it's just in the appointments module, is that correct? Our scheduling staff would likely start in the client module, so they would have to just know to check with colored notes. 


Yes, the note flashes in the Appt Module.I believe you can set where you want the flash to occur. I too would like an enhancement in Pro. Perhaps some day in the future. Good luck.


Thanks again Debbie! I really appreciate the help! 

We created a Do Not Schedule note which flashes when they schedule an appointment. They know to look for the orange note in the Client Module, as well. If you configure the right-hand dash in the Appointments Module to allow the note to show there, as well - it is then hard to miss and schedule by accident. 

Thanks so much Sarah! Yes I think the flashy notes will be our friends :)