Electronic Billing of CHAMPVA

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Does anyone bill their claims electronically to CHAMPVA?  We tried years ago but were told that the claims must have the licensure of the therapist on them (Since they don't credential).  Paper claims take forever to process.  Thanks


I have billed ChampVA electronically for primary and secondary claims and have not had any issues.

We used to send all claims by paper as well, and I noticed that they were not getting paid.  Resent electronically to see what would happen and they DID get paid.  We also used to send the actual license with the original claim for a client, but stopped doing that too.  So far so good.  I do have to go to the website to look up the remit info, as we just get checks with no indication of who they are for. 

Thank you for this good question. Earlier this Summer I began billing ChampVA electronically. We've been getting paid. My question is, what is the timely filing for this payer?

I keep getting told that I can via paper only.  I am billing for RTC, as a rule 5 facility.  Do you know if that makes a difference in the electronic versus paper billing requirement by CHAMPVA?

I am unsure of the ChampVA timely filing limit.  I wonder if Procentive can tell us why some claims are able to go electronically and some not.  Maybe I will try to resend electronically and keep my fingers crossed.  Thanks everyone!



We do have a payer set up for electronic submission for ChampVA under payer ID 84146 for professional and institutional claims, which processes through Availity. We are also able to apply for ERAs for this payer ID as well. 

If 84146 matches who you're billing, you can update your payer in the payers module, and send out electronically. If you'd like to receive ERAs please sent a ticket to Procentive, with the following

ERAs for ChampVA 84146

Billing Name 
Billing Address 
Tax ID 
Name, Email, Phone #, and title of the staff that has authority to sign applications. 

Thank you,


Thanks.  When we did send them electronically they denied because licensure needs to be shown on the claim.  As indicated in these responses some are paying electronically and some are not.  Do you have an idea why?  Do some clinics have something set up differently?