MHCP Provider manual requirement for DA date of service

Kim Ross 6 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Chris 6 years ago 1

Good Day!

The MN DHS Provider manual says the following about billing diagnostic assessments: 

- Complete all Diagnostic Assessment (DA) Report Components before billing a DA
- Enter the date of service for the DA as the date the written DA report is completed

We have always used the face-to-face date as the DOS to bill a DA, and are billing after the DA is marked audit ready (completed). The State of MN, however has advised us to bill the date of service as the date the DA report is completed. (This is documented by the MHCP provider manual and via email correspondence we have received. I have also heard this said by DHS staff directly!)

I realize that agencies who use Procentive do both -- that is bill with the DOS as the face-to-face date or bill the date of service with the date the DA is completed.

If you use the DA completion date as the DOS -- a couple of questions:

How is it working / what is your process?

Do you do the same for all payers: MA & Private?

Thank you!

What I try to inform staff to do is to not do a Time Add for the DA initially. So, instead of going through Appointments->Time Add, I suggest going through Clinical/Charting->Add.

Then, when signature is ready, create the Service line, and then attach the service line to the existing DA. This will update the DA with the new date. Then, the signature would be created.

This works smoothly for licensed providers, I think. The issue is those needing supervisor's signatures. What may be completed and signed by the trainee on May 1st might not be signed off on by May 6th by the supervisor. Asking busy supervisor's to create service lines and do that process seems redundant, so that's where I am struggling to come up with a good process.