RESOLVED: Clients Module, Time Module, Staff Availability Re-Updated:

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Thank you all for your notifications and examples on the tickets you submitted.  Those specific examples were critical in determining the remaining fixes needed.  We, at Procentive and BillCare, understand this was an inconvenience to you, both yesterday and today, as we actively determined cause and fixed each issue as it became aware.  I sincerely apologize.  As we continue to enhance our product for you, it is not our intent to release enhancements causing undesired ramifications.

Please know we take this very seriously and we will be meeting to determine what did and didn’t work in the enhancement process.  I have noted the ProCare User Community’s comments/wishes and I will take them into consideration to improve our communication to you moving forward. 

If you have any additional questions/concerns or may still be experiencing issues, please submit a ticket for assistance from our Care Team. 

Alicia Swanson



The filters in the client module have been fixed and are still working properly.  

***Please note the new permission discussed in the article to determine if your agency requires a change. New permissions is called: "See no location specified: Allows role to see the [No Location Specified] option in the Client Location drop-down in the Client module filter. This will show clients that don't have a location specified for their Default Location."

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We are having the same issue. 

Yes.  We are seeing the same thing.  Very few clients are showing up in the clients module.  I submitted a ticket, but I would recommend you do as well so they work on it.


We are having issues with the diagnosis/IDC 10 code not filling in the time entry when the program is outpatient.

Thanks Dave, I submitted a ticket as well -just wanted to see if it was site-wide.

We are having the same issues. I have been trying to chat with support but they are not open (even though the hours say 9AM CST for Wednesday).

Just an FYI there's also issues with the Appointments module multiple appointments in same day warning.  If client's cancel and reschedule an appointment on the same day you receive this warning which can be confusing for staff. 

Thank you for notifying us of these issues. Please be sure to submit tickets with details so our support team can research them further and provide our engineering team with requirements to resolve them. We will then be able to update you on your specific issues via ticketing.

Our support team is currently dedicating their time researching these issues. Because of this, chat will open at 12:00 instead of 9:00.

Thank you,

Anne Foss

Product Delivery Manager

We are getting the same issue in the Appointments Module, with canceled appointments. Thanks, Anne. I will do a ticket.

I just wrote about it in another thread, but in the (Appointments Module---> Time Add) when our therapists are trying to do a note/service line, the diagnoses are only showing up for the program they were put into. Our clinic does many different kinds of programs (therapy, ARMHS, SILS, Rule 25, CTSS, etc) and some of the diagnoses work for multiple programs. Unfortunately, they will only work in the program selected in the diagnoses tab. Any way we can see all diagnoses for a client and pick the correct diagnoses we want?

I've also submitted a ticket on this. In some cases, we have been unable to get the dx to populate even when choosing the correct program in the time-add window

I'm also having issues in Time Module when opening up and trying to resave a group service line, some of the diagnosis are not even appearing.  Not sure if this is connected or not.

We do not associate programs with a diagnosis in the Client Mod>Diagnosis tab.  That way all programs can utilize the diagnosis if need-be.


I think I would speak for everyone when I say this, and maybe this is already in place, but shouldn't we be aware of what changes are going to be made before they are put in place? I am not sure adding new permissions or changing features without notifying us beforehand is best practice. Troubleshooters have to spend the day of the updates scrambling to respond to issues, when we don't even know if it's a bug or an actual change.

I understand there are issues when updates are put out - but it would be nice to know what features are changing so I can prepare my staff and adjust roles, process, etc. accordingly.


I completely agree-advance notification would be a beautiful thing... communication works great when utilized!

I hope the intent isn’t to only have diagnoses appear when a program is selected. I may have one client that we bill three different diagnoses for, like ARMHS, case management, and outpatient mental health. Having to add the same diagnosis three times and tie it to each program will be time consuming, plus, we would have to update every single client that is already in the system. 


Our clients seem to have Programs associated with their diagnosis codes on the Diagnosis Tab in the Client Module. That is not something we have had staff enter, so it was weird to see that so many of our clients now have that information in their charts. Our billing staff have been going into each individual client chart to remove the Program from the Diagnosis Tab, but this morning no clients are showing up at all in the Client Module. Is the fact that I can not see any of our clients associated somehow with this new permission you speak of in bullet number one above?


Hello, I'm having the same issue, no clients at all. Thanks!

I used the Client Module Filters link. That's not what it is.



We are having the same issue at our clinic.

Alicia, please advise on when this will be fixed, as this feature is vital to our day to day operations.


I logged in a few mins ago. I am a Champion User of Procentive with high level permissions. Today, the client list for the entire agency failed to populate. I am not getting anything to show up despite any changes to the filters.

I am missing the glory days of Procentive. 


We are having the same issues.

We are having the same issue.

We are having the same issue.

I to am a champion and can not see any of our clients

I was just advised to change the "Program" to "NONE." Doing so did not populate the entire agency client list, only a few. 

Still waiting patiently for a resolve for everyone.

Same with me, I pull up 2 clients doing this

Same here, sent crisis ticket waiting to hear.  I have billing deadlines today.

Hello all,

The program dropdown in the client module will need to be changed to the clients default program to see the client list populate. We are updating this dropdown to look for all programs but this a workaround for the moment.  

Good Morning,

Thank you Alicia Swanson. The temporary fix you offer is not helpful. When making the change, I get only a very small list of clients populating. 


Do you have an ETA of when this will be resolved? This workaround is extremely frustrating as we have multiple programs we work with.

When do you anticipate this drop down to be fixed?


Really not liking this for our multiple program people :/

We anticipate a fix this morning. Thank you for using the workaround temporary, please submit a ticket is it is not working for you.  


Is the Time Add change going to stay? What is your suggestion for situations where a diagnosis is being billed by many different programs? For example, a client has a Major Depressive Disorder and receives ARMHS, Outpatient, and case management programming. Are we supposed to add the diagnosis three times in the client's diagnoses? We have a huge client list among our organization - are we going to have to add multiple diagnoses for every client that has multiple services? The majority of our clients don't just receive one service.

We have made ours (no program), in order to bill clients with more than one active program.


The filters in the client module have been fixed and are still working properly.  

***Please note the new permission discussed in the article to determine if your agency requires a change. New permissions is called: "See no location specified: Allows role to see the [No Location Specified] option in the Client Location drop-down in the Client module filter. This will show clients that don't have a location specified for their Default Location."

Alicia, does the See All Locations filter encompass clients with no location specified?

With this new permission, if we want things to work the way they did prior to the new permission, we should not need to do anything, right?

We are having issues as well with Client module not displaying client lists.  

Procentive is aware of some persisting issues and all Procentive staff are actively working on a resolution. We have turned off Live Chat for the day in order to allow all staff to focus on this project so that you can provide your clients with the best care.

Please watch the User Community for another post once issues have been resolved. 


The diagnoses/program association seems to be working for our individual appointments; however, we still have multiple group appointments where some of the diagnoses pull through and some don't. This is preventing us from adding most of our groups for the last week of March. 

As these problems are stemming from the update on Tuesday night, it would be nice if they could schedule their updates mid-month so glitches don't interfere with end of month billing or start of month insurance verification.


This issue does not appear to be fixed - we continue to have the DX not pulling through and thus preventing us from adding notes to groups.


This is true for us as well. I thought it was just general slowness on Procentive's servers as they try to fix all the issues created by the update but I've waited for upwards of 5 minutes with no result.

We have had to change the program in the DX tab to no program in order to bill notes. Try that, but I agree that the issue is still there.

Same - we had to remove Program Codes from the diagnoses.   But at least we can enter our time - I was getting worried there.....

Send Pro a help ticket. We were having issues earlier. I sent tickets and the resolve they offered were spot on. The issues we were having were isolated to specific staff and the settings they were associated with.

Our facility is having the same problems. We sent in a ticket as well. Waiting to hear back.