Schedule PMAP to become inactive/active?

Jonathan Beulke 7 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by TVano 7 years ago 2

Is it possible to schedule for a PMAP to become inactive at a certain date?  We have a client who has BCBS PMAP through November, but is on straight MA as of 12/01/2017.  We have several service lines to bill in November yet, which will be processed next week.

Since the new payer has been activated for 12/01/2017, is there a setting where I can tell Procentive to deactivate BCBS on 11/30/17 and have MA become active 12/01/2017?  I'm just thinking that this would help eliminate rejected claims by associating new claims to an old payer.

I'm hoping this makes some sense...

Yes, go to the client module and choose your client, go to "payers" and under the "eligibility" tab you will be able to put in the eligibility dates for each payer. It should have a pop-up if an ineligible payer is trying to be billed.

You can open the client and go to payers. Under payers you will see and Eligibility dates tab, there you can go in there and put from the date they were active with that insurance and when it ended. Then switch payers and put the active date for the new payer. This should keep the correct payer for the correct month