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Good afternoon,

We recently received information from OptumPracticeFi. They presented patient financing for those patients unable to pay account balances for various reasons. They are not a collections company or a lender but the Integrator. They have partnered with a variety of lending sources which enables behavioral facilities a more dynamic and inclusive option for cash-pay patients in one simple application. The behavior facility is paid, the patient then owes the lender.

The website is: www.optimumpracticefi.com Optum Practice Financial Patient Solutions Financing

Has anyone from this community worked with this group or have any knowledge or insight? 


Hi Debbie, 

We have not worked with this group, but I checked out their site and am interested in what you or anyone else has to say about their services. In today's healthcare environment of large deductibles and shrinking benefits, it seems this type of solution might be really helpful to prospective clients. Please share what you learn if you do give them a try! 



Hi Jen,

Thank you. I agree with your comments. Patients are challenged with rising costs of healthcare. Offering alternative solutions could be beneficial. I'm intrigued by what I saw on their web-page.

I'll keep the group informed. In the mean time, if any one has worked with this group or has insight, feel free to share your comments.

Thank you in advance.



I looked at it too and think it looks interesting and worth pursuing...reminds me of Care Credit. I did just realize that the website is OPTIMUM and not OPTUM so I might have embarrassed myself a tiny bit because I emailed them and asked if they only work with clients who have Optum (Medica UBH) or if they worked with other insurance companies...LOL we all should be up for a good laugh but who knows Optum could have been trying to take over the world...Have a great weekend everyone!


Does anyone use this specific company for their clients? I agree, Alyson. I thought it sounded a lot like Care Credit, as well. I agree, this would be a great option for our clients with large deductibles - and a way to get mental health services covered without an interruption. It is heart-breaking to have to halt services due to non-payment of statements.

Has anyone actually used this service yet?