Health Savings Account Remit Remark Code 187

John-Debbie Trunk 7 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 7 years ago 3

Good Morning Community,

I've recently run into remits in the Pro-ERA Module where the insurance payer will not pay anything on the DOS and will filter the allowed amount to 187, which is a health savings account designation. 

How do you manage this? Do we wait for the HSA pmt to come in? Any support is appreciated. Thank you in advance. 


I've answered my own question. Simply filter the amount coded 187 to PR.  


I've noticed this too, but often times these ERA's come in before the payer processes it towards CCD. I usually just wait on those expecting  another ERA to come and process as PR 1,2 or 3, usually, it's deductible.

Thank you. I've been waiting as well. I'm concerned with missing payments of this kind.