DA date of service

Kim Ross 8 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 8 years ago 6

What do you use as the service date to bill a DA? MHCP provider manual says to use the date the DA is completed/signed by the provider as opposed to the date the provider sees the client face to face.

We have wondered the same thing. We bill the date the DA was signed by the mental health professional.

We also use the date that the DA was signed by the clinician.

We do a standard DA at initial service and bill that date.

You should be using the FTF visit date. Best practice is really to have documentation completed within 48 hours.

We do document with a case note within 48 hours to ensure the interview sessions are clearly identified in the record for length of time and date and as separate appointments.

The information pertaining to this in the MHCP provider manual, under billing says:

  • Enter the date of service for the DA as the date the written DA report is completed