What if the DSM 5 Criteria were available in Procentive as a decision support tool?

Pat Stream 9 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Rosalin Chrest 9 years ago 6
We are currently considering design ideas to possibly incorporate the DSM V diagnostic criteria in some sort of decision support tool in the next generation of Procentive. I am looking for Procentive users who would be willing to contribute to the conversation.

The vision is to create something that would allow a Procentive user to start with a list of symptoms and use a wizard like dialog to walk through a series of choice that would ultimately result in a list of possible DSM 5 diagnostic descriptions.

I am hoping to hear from the Procentive community in two formats:

1. I would like to find 3-5 users who would sit on a conference call with me sometime and describe the process you go through in selecting a Dx. How do you use the DSM 5 and the criteria in your decision making?

2. I would also like to see comments written on this thread as to your interest level and/or ideas on wht this tool could look like, along with how you would like a usable electronic version of the DSM 5 built into Procentive.
I think this would have been very useful. We somewhat have created this already, but if it was built in more "if/then" type of decision making tool, it could be useful.
I would be willing to sit in on a conference call to discuss this further. I think such a tool could be useful depending on how it is structured.

I would be willing to sit in, but as a non-clinical person, I couldn't add much!

I would be willing to sit in on a call as well. I think this tool could be helpful but would be extremely complex due to all of the if this/then that and gray area that comes with diagnosis.

I love this idea and I would love to have it a part of Procentive. I think it would be very useful to start with "Frequent Flier Diagnoses" (OCD, MD, GAD, PTSD, AD, BPD, etc....Maybe we could pick 15 to start with...or just stop there...lol )and for it to also include ICD 10 cross reference. If someone has already created a cross reference, which I think I heard one of the clinics already did...this was the original reason I logged on today...I am looking to access (willing to pay) someone who has created a Cross walk. It would be so awesome to have this electronic in Procentive:)

I would like to sub someone into the discussion as I will be out of state? It seems like a very large topic and so an agenda/list would be helpful to concentrate on what is needed as well as hope to prepare for the discussion.