Procentive is down?

TVano 7 years ago in User Group Help updated by Caleb Zimmermann 7 years ago 4

Is  anyone else having issues with Procentive right now? it will not open any windows/client modules ect..

Hi everyone - we are aware that Procentive is down. We are working on the solution now. We should be back up shortly. We will update the User Community as soon as we are back up.

For the most up to date updates, please refer to Ashley's post here: http://community.procentive.com/topics/467-known-issue-procentive-is-down/

Thank you for your patience! 


Procentive is back up - we are still working on what caused the issue. But you should be able to get back into the system now. Please refer to our official post where we will give more details on what caused the issue as we learn more.