Who scans directly into Procentive using a Networked Scanner?

Pat Stream 7 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by Sheryl Martin 7 years ago 10

Hello.  This question come from the ProCare Customer Success Team.  We are researching solutions for scanning directly into Procentive.  We are looking to speak with anyone who is scanning directly into Procentive from a scanner that is connected to an internal network (not a desk top scanner).  Please leave your responses in the comments or contact me directly at pat@procentive.com.  Thank you.

We do.  Had tried it before, but were only able to do it through Internet Explorer.  After the recent webinar, I put my mind to it and were able to make it work properly.

Thanks Sheryl.  Did you do this with a TWAIN driver installed for your networked scanner?

This is Teresa with North Homes Children and Family Services.  I have a scanner that I scan documents directly into Procentive with. I have had it for a few years if not longer.  It's TWAIN compatible and I use it with FIREFOX. There was an update not longer ago and it had stopped working, but as soon as I went into my settings in preferences and changed  Use plug-in free signature pad & scan methods: to yes it then worked again. My admin girls have a snapscan that does not work as it is not TWAIN compatible. I hope this helps and hope I'm not being too detailed. The scanner is a FUJITSU fi-6110


Teresa, I believe your admin girls should be able to use their scanner into Procentive, most devices would be TWAIN-compliant.  Here is a link to Fujitsu's download page:  http://www.fujitsu.com/global/support/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/fi/software/fi-6110.html

Thank you! I have had our it look, but state they are not compatible. I will check it out.


Yes, needs to be the TWAIN.  I went to the website of the scanner/printer and downloaded a TWAIN driver from there that was exactly right for my machine.

Thank you Teresa. Is your scanner a desktop or network scanner?

Desktop I'm pretty sure.


I am also struggling with this piece. We have a network printer/scanner combo that is TWAIN compatible (Ricoh) MP 305, any tips for me?

You can try this page; scroll down to look for your operating system and look for Network TWAIN driver.